O Israel, let God prevail

O Israel, let God prevail.
Let those instant followers and the twittering
Birds break your fingers. Let the filters be
Filtered and the norms be tossed to the sea.
Let the ships wreck on magma beaches.
Let the lemons turn to oranges. Let the
Sun go down and the moon turn to blood.
Let the tissues be full of snot, let the pens
Run out of ink, let the balloons sit on the
Shelf without helium. Let the lion lie with the
Lamb, and the elephant with the donkey. Let the
Perfume turn to ash and the ashes become roses.
Let the winds bring snow and the summer heat
Turn to ice. Let the days swell with love and the
Nights be void of passion. Let the lipstick stain
And the beads scatter on the tile. Let the gun be
Cocked and the metal melt. Let the mirrors
Be wrong and the books tell no stories. Let the
Swine put all their pearls in one basket. Let the
Trees break free from the ground and make
Mockery of brick buildings. Let the squirrels
Find their stash and cash turn to note cards
Sent in the mail to forgotten friends and
Lost loves. Let the tide rise and disappear. Let
The blood of children run hot then turn to
Gas and freeze over. Let the mountains sink
Into the ground. Let the world roll across the
Universe into the sun. Let everything burn
And grow. Let the future unfold in ways you
Never knew it would. Let it all be done and
Trust in God even as your mind fails
To understand anything around you.