Not today

I’m just fighting what’s normative in the way I was taught how
Where does that leave us, since routine’s not what we need now

Can’t lay down sick beats or explain C++
Being a young girl really decreases your chances of them making a fuss

Smartest kid in the class, not a white boy
Growing up in the south not a walk in the park
more akin to a stroll back in time

2nd mil in the real world and 1890 in the rock
Ring by the spring majoring in housewifery

Good southern values make good southern wives
Tailgates, Iced Tea, legacy status- Drivin round in America’s Finest

Ford. Chevy. We want our jobs.
Back to the roots or ignorance is bliss? Hit or a miss, I can’t blame their thoughts

Walking around thinking immigrants are stealing their jobs.

Turn on the TV and there it is: the Duggers, the Housewives, all glamorized and shit
Yeah I get it, vanity sells, but don’t you all know what it’s doing to our sense of self?

Toddlers with Tiaras and crazy controlling Dance Moms? Appearance comes first for us with two X chromosomes.

US, the girls, who never were given the same chance.

SDGs tryna close the gender gap
Construing the West’s understanding of equality with force.

How the hell can we coerce when we barely rehearse?
When you don’t practice what you preach, who can you teach?

Keep quiet and be pretty- nothing much more
When you get a second glance, “don’t be a whore”
You’re too sexy or not sexy enough. Too white, Too black. Too tall, Too short. Too thin,Too fat. No boobs, fat ass. BUT DON’T FRET THERE’S A PRODUCT TO FIX ALL OF THAT

12.99 plus tax, take a pill, close your eyes. One day you’ll be ready for all of the guys.

Self doubt, blank eyes, painted on smile- congrats you’re fixed.
(You’re the perfect lady, all weak and run down)

But teacher, why can’t I play with the cars? I like how the wheels propel the body forward just with a slight nudge from my hand.
Soft and gentle touch is all it takes to get from Point A to Point B.
So much progress in just one sweep. Its only purpose in life it has to meet: An inherent yes from physics.

Why can’t that be me? When will my success overcome inherent defeat? Everyone always saying NO.

Judgment always thick, clouded with hate.
Just let me play with the car and fuck what you think is innate!

Yes, I’m a girl, but guess what? Who cares! It’s all a performance- a play- roles assigned at birth- UNFAIR.

Whose play? Who knows- the rules are just there.
Sitting around and treated like law - no one really stops to question its strength.

Why do we give boxes on a form the power of truth?

White, Black, or Other is that all I am to you?
Color’s a construct and so is my sex- “boys” or “girls: it’s all on a spectrum...

So stop forcing your ideas of normal on me because it’s frustrating to be told how to be.

Yeah, I’m stronger than most and always fighting back but it’s only cuz something in my mind/body/spirit and plot threw me off track.

Every little girl should know she’s special - but many aren’t told it’s more than her shell.

I’d go back in time to that clean smelling classroom and yell all I could:
“GIRLS, it’s your PEARL not the SHELL that makes you so swell-your mind, your heart, your spirit”
Feed them with your time and your effort- don’t let their blaring ads enter your sphere.

It’s the Truman show- none of it's real- they’ll steal all your money, your time and your youth, things you can’t have back once you lose.
They’ll make you feel small, sad, and vain- your fake friends all empty too and in pain.
We can’t let that win when life is so damn short; YOU JUST MUST REMEMBER, your life’s not their sport.