Hello! My real name is Julia LaFond, and I'm a grad student in Pennsylvania. I enjoy creative writing in my spare time, especially sci-fi and fantasy.

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
As the fading of the sun
Turns the sky a deeper gray,
It’s lurking in the shadows
At the end of every day.

It’s echoing my footsteps –
Little closer every night.
Sometimes I look behind me
But it’s always out of sight.

I shut the door behind me:
Breaks the silence as it’s locked.
Did I close it fast enough?
I’m inside but still feel stalked.

So now I hear my heartbeat
And the ticking of the clock.
As in my ears the whispers
Pound like water on the rock.

Would anyone come running
If I broke the night with screams?
Would they drive the shadows back
Or just laugh at my bad dreams?

It’s made it to my room now,
In the corner of my eye
It flits in every shadow,
Waits to stifle any cry.

For should I turn the light off
And attempt to go to sleep,
It will emerge in darkness
Then toward me it will creep.

Till now I’ve kept the light on,
But I have to sleep tonight.
Don’t know if I’ll still be here
By the time dawn brings first light.