My Bathroom Rhapsody

Heidi, in the middle of nowhere. Based in Hong Kong.

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
On that cosy morning, I went for a hot bath, in my bathtub
Drizzling, sprinkling, Went the water
Fading away the morning mist
The mist that turns into bubbles:
Blub, Blue, Buzz are the keys for my rhapsody
My bathtub was lit by light.

On that dreadful evening without light
I went straight to the Bathtub
Sinking into the Gershwin’s rhapsody
Running through the nerves of water
Along with the champaign bubbles
Everything seems right in the mist.

Oh, how dearly you are, the mist.
Under my own spotlight
Without covering by bubbles
All my world is in this alluring bathtub
Under the enchanted water
Together, creating their rhapsody.

I have my own instruments for my own rhapsody.
That there will be no mist.
The bursting, surging water
Along with the thundering light.
I was riding in this little bathtub
Oh, honey, there are no bubbles!

Nobody sees them, those little bubbles!
Nobody cares about the rhapsody!
That Bathtub
Of mist
Is light
Lighter than water.

I don’t bath in water
Nor bubbles
I bath myself in light
I bath myself in rhapsody
I bath myself in mist
All in my Bathtub.