Looking for a path

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Hong Kong students who rarely write in English, even though I am studying creative writing, so I thought, maybe I should write more English. This is why I am here. I look forward to your comments and  [+]

Image of Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
Night whispered,
"The dawn left.".
Moon answered,
"But the sun is still here.".
Sun complained,
"Quiet, they don't know that."
They asked,
"Why the night last so long?"

The wind hide their fire,
blinded their sight by the snowstorm.

Stars laughed,
"They could not see you.".
Cloud smiled,
"We will not let them find you."
Fire sighed,
"One day, you all will be gone.
The dawn will come.
They will find the sun
or me.”

“This will be a new start."
They seek.

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