Little Things

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Pip is an aspiring young author and college student who enjoys karate, Frasier (on Netflix with close family), and great music  [+]

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It’s all those little things- you know?
The “I love you”s before you go,
The phone calls that you’re heading home,
The not-going-to-bed-alone,
The dog between us on our laps,
The putting-down-the-kids-for-naps,
“How was your day?” and “How’d you sleep?”
And “Is there anything to eat?”
And, when we see that something’s wrong,
The “Tell me, please, what going on.”

Support, in times of ailing health,
Or bills up-piling on the shelf,
Support, as children change and grow,
Or as we binge that Netflix show,
Support, in all small joys and chores,
Makes you still mine, and me still yours.

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Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
A great poem that skilfully evokes the little things that make life interesting!
Image of Pip
Pip · ago
Thank you, Keith! I appreciate hearing this- it was the/my intention!
Soon I will be happy to read your poem, "Dépaysement au Royaume des Animaux"

Image of Marie Juliane DAVID
Marie Juliane DAVID · ago
Little things but important!
Beautiful poem!

Image of Pip
Pip · ago
Thank you, Marie! They are indeed :)
Image of Marie Juliane DAVID
Marie Juliane DAVID · ago
You're welcome !
Sure :)

Image of Scotlin Young
Scotlin Young · ago
Beautiful and sweet, excellent piece!
Image of Pip
Pip · ago
Thank you Scotlin, I am glad to hear this!
Image of Pooja Gola
Pooja Gola · ago
Hey, can I use your poem? I wanna give my voice to it.
Image of Pip
Pip · ago
Thank you for asking, I would be honored. Would love to see what you do with it!
Image of Prithvijeet Sinha
Prithvijeet Sinha · ago
Since you are an ardent Netflix fan, it's charming that an Indian series LITTLE THINGS shares your poem's title and is exclusively streaming on Netflix itself. Your poem reminded me of its central couple's tenacity.
Image of Pip
Pip · ago
Thanks Prithvijeet, I did not know about this. I will certainly have a look (you're right, I am an "ardent" Netflix fan :). I'm happy you read the poem and had this positive (and surprising!) association.

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