Let’s be like Children

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
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Let's be as innocent as children,
As kind, as truthful as they are
Let's have the confidence that's hidden,
But always stays there like a scar

Let's be as innocent as children,
As free, as fearless as they are
We didn't burry dreams alive,
We used to wish upon a star

Oh children are a fictional idea,
When they can't wait for sweet dessert
When they don't want to hurt another human,
When they don't think they will be hurt

Why did we stop speaking out minds,
Looking each other in the eyes
We were ambitious long ago,
And now we keep our heads down low

Back in the day of lasting, careless nights,
When our dearest friend was hurt or ill,
We reached our hand of help to them,
And now for victory, we kill

We seek success, we brag, compete
We steal, we judge, then we repeat
We don't, we won't, we're not, but why?
Because we fight until we die

And now, we are ashamed to cry,
We are ashamed of who we are,
who we've become
To cover up mistakes, we lie
To fixing them we're close, yet far

When as a little, angel-like creation
And owning this mentality of heaven,
Our children stand together as one nation
It seems to us, adults, like sweven

Cause now it is "important" who we talk to,
What shade and race our fellows are
Our world has slowly grown into a zoo
It's not the best affair by far

Remember all the bedtime stories we've been told?
Our siblings whom we would annoy,
Something we broke but couldn't fix,
Well, now you are that broken toy
The superglue won't do the tricks

We hardly overcome a simple trifle,
But for a child, it's not a worry in the world
It doesn't matter, girl or boy,
They are the rightful owners of their joy

Let's be as innocent as children,
Let's put the end to loathe and hate
It didn't matter dollar or a billion,
When we were small and we were only eight

Let's be as innocent as children,
Imagine we went back in time,
When tiny flower came before the giant building,
When having fun has never been a crime