Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
My mind is blank.
My face is fuzzy.
I'm dying, and it's so funny.
Please, sir,
Make a joke out of me
Trample me underneath your words,
Scrape me off the ground,
Burn me 'till I'm nothing
But dust and ashes,
Unseen and just a bother.

I guess I'm sorry for
Being this way,
To care about what you
Say and, in turn, feel
Emotions from them.
I'm sorry for having a
Glass heart that's worn on my sleeves
So it can be easily
I'm sorry for wanting to change myself to
Fit in with everyone else.
I'm sorry for my person to ever
Have been born in this world.

But what does an apology have to do with
It doesn't fix the situation.
It doesn't fix the story.
It doesn't fix

I'm crying and sobbing,
And I think that's my emotions taken physical.
I'm a wreck,
A dying flame
A maniac,
Someone insane.
I'm being brought to my
Breaking point.
The limit on the thermometer
It's about to burst and
Blow up and be reduced to

My head hurts.
My eyes are dry.
What I want to say is,
I'm laughing my head off.