Land of Poker Cards

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
In the Land of Poker Cards,
There lives citizens of fifty four.
Spade, Heart, Tile and Clover,
Duplication must not be seen.

Black sheep look the same
But cards on Land have no face.

Neither name nor outlook is allowed.
Only numbers one to ten
And letters ‘J', ‘Q', ‘K' should be named.

No colour should appear in the kingdom
Except black and white and red.
Such boredom!

Who rule the land?
No surprise,
The most Unique Two!
Jokers receive the land as a prize.

They divide the Land
into five parts, according to their tribes.
The Unique Two lives
in the centre of the nation hand in hand.

Across the Land,
No card is as special as the Unique Two.
They could laugh.
They could cry.
They could even deceive.
What a power they conceive!

Cards on land wear poker faces all the time.
They serve the Unique Two round the clock.
However, no bird chime
For their hard work for the Land.

Clovers as the flowers of Poker Forest;
Spades as the spikes of the Unique Two;
Tiles as the floor for their rest;
Hearts as the décor of them Two.

Day by day,
The Jokers play.
Day by day,
The cards in clay.

"When will this tyranny, this hardship end?"
No one knows!
Maybe until one of the Two cease and
The Throne would descend.

"No! No! No!"
Proudly said the Unique Two.
"What we know,
Is that the Land would last forever and anew."

What disappointing news for the suffering crowd!
A call for help is spoken aloud!

What do the cards need?
All they need is a land
Where they are freed
From the Unique Two.

They could laugh;
They could cry;
They could look different;
They could be named
but not numbered nor lettered.

Mischievous Destiny overheard their call and
Give them a chance of resurrection:
By overthrowing the owners of the Land
With a dice.

Throwing a dice
Of Destany,
The land is sliced
Into halves and quarters.

Each of the Unique Two ruling a half
Which made them tired.
The citizens pathed
And laughed at their tiresome ruling.

By making them vulnerable,
The locals are able
To overthrow the halves,
The quarters of land.

Rulers no longer,
Then who will do the work?
None thought of that!

On the Land of Poker Cards,
A tedious and hideous war begun.
The old cards always say,
"The history repeats itself."
Such a good vision it is!

On the Land of Poker Cards,
Poker no longer
But looked angry and agitated.

Serenity has gone and
People plea the peace.
Restoration of land
With authority being seized.

Destany has been pleased.
"Such an amusing thing be seen!"
Destany saying merrily.
"Another show must begin!
A tyranny must ascend!"
Mischievously said.

Another Unique Two are brought to sight,
Lighting the Land bright.
Restoring silence and Poker into tribes,
Another tyranny would begin.