Know Your Worth

I know you know the feeling
The secret sort of pain
The desperate cling to a shred of hope
The effort all in vain

The feeling that you're falling
Because you never learned to fly
When you tell yourself "It's all okay"
But to you it's just a lie

Feel like a house of cards in a hurricane
One second from blowing away
Or a burning match in a restless storm
You don't know how long you'll stay

The world around you is really big
So you shrink until no one hears
The sound of your heart crying out in the darkness
So you're all alone with your fears

And that
Is why I’m here
To tell you:

It's all going to be okay
That much I know is true
I know it seems like the darkness won
But it will never beat you

Your house of cards may blow down
So I'll stack it even higher
You're struggling flame may go out
So I'll light a raging fire

To me, the world is smaller
Just a sunrise to sunset
Because of the things you've done for me
Since the very first day we met

Don't ever think that you aren't loved
Even when life seems to beat you down
Don't dwell on the past, it's over now
Take a breath, make a smile from that frown

You’re the hurricane, not the cards
You're the rain that floods and pours
You're the strongest person that I know
Whatever you want can be yours

It is not enough to just live your life
When your life is shadowed by doubt
Take all of the fears that hold you back
Know your worth and kick them out