Inhale; exhale

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Breathe in, fill my lungs
Frigid air as sharp as glass
clawing up my nose,
caressing my insides
from my head to my toes
Toes planted in the snow
Wind blows as every glass gasp

Foggy days shroud the sun,
curdle my blood
A gut-punching flood
to release,
to expel that fog
That mental smog
that fuels the beast

Out shoot wisps of ghosts
slicing through the winter
The most
familiar spirits I had trapped inside.
A friendly dose of
a symphonic,
yet catatonic
splinter of stained glass
that lines my unholy castle moat

Their intangible bodies
whisper infallible oddities,
wrap their tails around me,
compress my lungs,
and leave me empty
And then they leave
They leave me





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Image of Ruth Weng
Ruth Weng · ago
Love this poem, Ian! Best of lucks to you :)
Image of Celine Kim
Celine Kim · ago
I love this! Good luck, I hope you win!
Image of Denise Alejandra
Denise Alejandra · ago
Very impressive Ian 👏👏
Image of Justin Yeung
Justin Yeung · ago
Wow, it's really quite elegantly composed. I particularly like the attention paid to the use of sounds and connotation/word affiliation.
Image of Alice Constantine
Alice Constantine · ago
I enjoyed this poem a great deal.
Image of Adrian Hui
Adrian Hui · ago
Hi hi~ Spicy here. That was an amazing poem!
Image of Ed Yin
Ed Yin · ago
Oh wow, I can see that you have experience with writing poems! I love the imagery in this one.
Image of Gabriella Custodio
Gabriella Custodio · ago
that's my talented bestie ^^ 😭💞💞