In Another World

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In this endless dream, there is hope
In this endless nightmare, there is fear
If beauty is found, then there exists an end

In this end, insight hides in an overgrown path
In this path, ambition concedes to consequences
The path will betray and diverge towards torment

In this torment, recollections of thorns overwhelm the mind
In this mind, desires are shattered into enslaved pieces
When the end is in sight, there arises a new beginning

In this beginning, chasing a forgotten past brings cataclysm
In this cataclysm, reality remains untouched
Gathering broken branches builds an artificial misery

In this misery, an endless nightmare becomes truth
In this truth, calamity becomes an elegant remedy
The dimming souls meet a broken bridge awaiting a new fate

In this fate, the bridge remains broken until taken by time
In this time, the waterfall continues to flow
An endless dream emerges to draw a new bridge that leads to paradise

In this paradise, there exists another world with an eternal river
In this river, wishes of the people do not drown in the clear water
Hold those wishes closely, and carry it through the starlit night

For another world does not exist,
but a dream can guide the existing river that grieves for those who have suffered.
Let justice deliver happiness and end their endless nightmare.

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