Images of...

We are both standing on the beach. You like the ocean because you think it can drown all your sorrows and mistakes, it's so deep. I like the ocean because of its sound when the waves hit the shore. We're facing each other and our arms are outstretched, reaching out.

Our feet are in the sand, the water is everywhere This is the first time I'm imagining your nerd face, what it would look like. And I see this vacant look, this emptiness like a shadow falling over all your features
. I have a frown on my face because I can't understand what's happening. Our fingers were entwined a moment ago. How'd you get so far?

I remember us inspiring each other to be. I used to think that to make a relationship work, you need love, respect, and trust. But trust me, that's not all. There's something more. Idk what's it called, what they named that feeling, or if it even exists or is just a figment of my imagination. But I know that this feeling is the glue that holds two people together. It's wider, bigger than infinity.

I want to tell you that I miss you. I want you to tell me that you miss me. But we're not saying a word. I hear the waves crashing against my feet, "please see me, try to talk to me" they scream but you still wear the same wooden expression. And then? And then you disappear. You think you don't matter to me because that is what I think too, but you should know that today, when the waves, carried the sand from beneath my feet, I felt something leave and I was scared it was you.

You won't ask but, I'll still tell. I have conversations with you in my mind. See I don't have my important people in my mind. I don't feel as if I'm accountable to them no matter what I do. But I know what I am to you. I would hear a song and it would remind me of our crazy dances and the video recordings, the crying's, the bad singing, all of it. But the problem is that I don't only see an ending.

"And I hate it with everything I have. I guess, every truth is a lie in the beginning."