I Stand with You

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My heart reaches out.
I try to say something, anything.
I hear the word “Sorry.”
It comes out of my lips and wilts.
Is there anything more meaningless,
More heartless,
More hopeless,
Than that word?
I want to say a million things
I’ll stand by you,
I hope you will be okay,
I am by your side,
We are equal.
But why are we not treated equally?
Why does discrimination exist?
When we are all humans,
When we are all daughters and sons,
When we all experience emotions.
Of pain,
Of happiness,
Of sorrow,
Of joy.
My words may not make a difference.
Your scars have formed,
The harsh, ignorant words have been spoken, You have been hurt.
But I can stand with you,
I can march with you,
I can protest with you,
I can listen to you and all of the voices.
And through this,
Together we will make a change.
I see you,
I hear you,
I Stand with You.

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