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Pain! Woes! Agony!

Tears streamed from my unearthly face
What a ghastly display of emotion
My shame must be hidden or be a marvelous disgrace
A façade must be created with a swift motion
Nothing can stop my fallacious devotion

Thirstily, I lapped up my tears as if they were residue from a chocolate bar
Liberation cannot come from inside this mask
Breathing heavily, I let out a throaty roar, spewing saliva afar
Devastating moonlight glittered from above the stars in some sort of flask
Momentarily giving me the opportunity to bask

To an outsider I would appear to be a bellowing, confident fellow
No one can know
My tantalizing internal anguish causes my breaths to come shallow
Not even I accept my fateful woe
I am a harbinger of madness to others who choose to grow

Denial! Confusion! Chaos!

Blood curdling cries of insanity prevent me from feeling anything except for dysphoria
Misery is a melody absurd
I find myself longing for but a taste of euphoria
Alas, fate has it that I will be merely a byword
Power is held within a simple word that is namely unheard

Anything is better than this feeling of bewilderment
I’d even take the unforgiving voice of melancholy
But happiness is nothing more than a false entitlement
The mere idea to feel jolly
It is just a perplexing folly

I shake my head with a sigh of displeasure
To acknowledge my sense of discontentment at the fact of my seemingly futile existence could be just another pretense
I am but another failure to measure
My vanity leads to tireless ire and suspense
Understanding that I will never receive my share of recompense

Blood! Rage! Vengeance!

Trembling, my body quakes with unmatched fury and guile
To reject my fate is to accept my mind
I trained myself to love being a creature so vile
While anger and anguish are both so addicting, it would be empty to remain confined
I became someone who needs to be found because of my bind

With a gasp of realization, I finally understood that I had chosen my own path
I had fallen to mortality from transcendence
Taking a deep breath to expel my feelings of wrath
Having walked so long on the path of most resistance
Hidden inside me all along was the desire for acceptance

No longer succumbing to all these qualities of nastiness
The negative crease on my face slowly crept into a smile
Tears of anguish turned to tears of happiness
I felt a newfound understanding that my attitude influences the trial
Now calmly relishing in the feelings I haven’t experienced in awhile

Joy. Peace. Love.

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