Gollum and Smeagol

O’ Smeagol O’ Gollum, O’ Smeagol O’ Gollum
Come to me, O’ come to me, hear the ring hum.

You seem so innocent and peaceful, yet so full of woe.
It is a shame that you shall be your own worst foe.

I will heal you from peace, I will cure you of sleep.
You have a promise to keep until then you shall weep.

You are my owner, I am your master.
I bend you to my will, you will be my pastor.

You are no longer Smeagol, you are my Gollum.
You will be happy I promise, don’t be so solemn.

You will keep me and cherish me, I shall be your precious.
I will hold you and enslave you. My evil will be infectious.

I give you eternal life and malice in your head,
Now you must idolize the thought of being dead.