Get Up

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
Get up
You try so hard to ignore it
The whisper in your head
Because you know if you heed it
You’ll have to find out what’s ahead.

Get up
You’re still broken from yesterday
The pain is paralyzing
You don’t see how you can heal today
What’s the point of even trying?

Get up
Why is this voice so persistent?
If you get up, you’re on your own
Maybe because you are persistent
Deep down, you’ve always known

Get up
The pain hasn’t gone away yet
Maybe it will never disappear
But you will never know for sure
Until you face your fear.

Get up
What do you have to lose?
You have everything to gain
You can try again and try to see
The beauty in the rain

Get up
You feel your muscles moving
Willing you to start
You open your eyes and listen
To the beating of your heart

Get up
It beats.
echoing the voice
In that fateful moment
You finally make your choice

You get up
You take a stand
Rising from your bed
Whatever the day may bring
You are ready to face what’s ahead

You’re up
Now what?
What are you going to do?
you listen to the voice in your head
this is what it tells you:

Take a step