Finding Spring

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Life rings of eternity

So stuck in fall I didn’t see if before,
rebirth after rebirth
That spring,
that rainbow after rain
the delicate hope in the new,
but every second is new.
No age can be replaced
or made meta outside of me,
but I feel
time move smooth,
like water,
taking me to places
tinted with the familiar,
But different.
It’s all new,
the birth of a memory
twice forgotten
but remembered once more,
in time to explore
all the crevices within thought
find the faults and gains
resurrect old days and nights
cause even in memories there is spring.

Life is all seasons,
but most of all spring.
In fall there is birth,
and in Spring there is death.
They are opposites and equal
both necessary for progress.
One has to fall to spring forth
Higher than they could before.

Reality is not hinged
on the haves and have nots,
but on death and life.
Not just the death of life,
but the death of hope
of joy
of peace.
To freeze in an eternal winter
from which there seems no hope.
To dream of finding spring
with blue lips and frost-bitten fingers
we pray for spring,
but the world will not tilt without us,
to escape from arctic hell

Breathe in the cold air till it becomes warm
in your lungs,
shake the icicles from your hair
then walk.
With legs stiff as pillars of ice.
as far as you dare,
then walk some more.
With every step you are embracing spring,
with each new
unfamiliar sensation of a step.

Before you know it
flowers dance gently in the breeze around you,
carelessly adorning the air with a delicate sweetness.
Butterflies kiss your cheeks
as you are embraced into the new.
Melting that icy heart
giving it the space to beat
to keep on keeping on,
to breathe,
and keep on living on,
to see,
it’s Spring we’re building on,
to know,
life’s about finding

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