ex-important person

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
do you still think of me
the way I think of you?
a lost friend, a fallen fate,
a far-off dream, a great escape?

I still remember
the way you made me smile
a thousand years ago
in our paradise, our isle

sometimes the things I recall
about you and I back then
don't feel quite like memories,
but rather a fairy tale instead

I used to only think
of all the good things left behind;
funny how the brain can work,
it takes all the bad and hides


do you ever wonder
about how fast it fell apart?
the way "forever" vanished
into stardust and disaster

I suppose it's ‘cause I'm older
that my vision now has cleared
the picture of you in my head
more out of focus than appeared

you were the center of my universe,
the apple of my eye,
the epitome of perfect,
my everything, my air

but then the wind got colder
and in turn, so did you
and what seemed like a dream
was no more, just removed


do you ever feel
like I'm still here with you
like we're too tied to be separate,
too entangled in each other

I wonder if you ever
considered how it feels
to be in someone else's shoes
or in someone else's skin

because I still get goosebumps
when I hear your name
and my cheeks set afire;
do you feel the same?

and sometimes I still see you
in reality and in dreams
so close and yet so distant,
nothing really changed


do you ever sit and ponder
about all we could have been?
if we could have been happy
or if that fate was never ours

if breaking was our destiny
and apart is our forever
then why do you still linger
in heart and mind and soul

a permanent scar everlasting,
a migraine that won't leave,
a radiator's incessant buzzing,
all nothing compared to you

sometimes I wish I could get rid of
the memories I still hold
the ones that will be ingrained
in my mind until we're old


do you think that I've forgotten
your eyes, your lips, your smile
your laughter that erupts
and warms that heart of mine

you're the face I can't forget,
the shadow that follows close
you're nipping at my ankles
and biting at my heels

you're the echo in the hallway
when I scream into silence,
the writing on the bathroom walls
in sharpie here to stay

you're my ex-important person
(or at least that's what I'll say)
just another person from my past,
better that it stays that way