i'm from bay area, ca and enjoy playing badminton and editing videos using whatever footage my little sis has on her gopro.

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
"i was on fire for you
where did you go
i could've died for you
but you brought in the cold
i know i'm being lied to
i wish i never met you
i'm starting to regret you
but my heart just dropped
thinking about you..."

sometimes it's agony
to discover a song
to think it's a decent song
think it's actually kind of
catchy ask for its name and
add it to your playlist
think you like the tune and
the lyrics and hey
they're actually somewhat
relatable and oh
you also like the person
who showed it to you

to then find it the greatest
song in existence and no
other song deserves to be
played when the greatest
song of all exists and
can be played instead

to then have everything
change in an instant
and be utterly unable to
listen to it because the
tune is no longer that feel
good euphoric escape and
the lyrics are no longer
those old lyrics because
they have new meaning
yet they're still sung in his
darn voice because you
can't hear them any
other way yet just now
you're on the other side

to then become newly addicted
to the song because it's been
a month and you're tired of
feeling nothing tired of being
numb you're craving something
addiction to pain

to then move on from
everything get lunch
with a new friend join
a new sport forget
about the song altogether

to then one day finally
scroll through your old
playlist rediscover it all
on your own find it again
find yourself again realize
lyrics are just lyrics and
a song is just a song but
damn it's still fucking good

i was on fire for you
i'm still on fire for you
i wonder what it feels like
to reach those last two stages
part of me never wants to find out