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Noah is originally from Danbury, Connecticut, attending Brigham Young University. He loves dogs, cars, and especially dogs in cars  [+]

Image of Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
All it can take is a look, a glimpse
For mind, matter merge to magic
To explore the worlds we conquer,
The conduit to self and all else

While you lay locked in your pain
Your hopes embody projections
That make every finite evening
Stay bright well before sunset

Think of the her’s, he’s, it's, them’s,
How do they enclose your space?
Do they transport you to the gray
Or do they blossom at every look?

What on earth can you still say, to
Drown the quiet that still haunts you
Of that which never uttered a word
Of they who don't offer to reach you

The spirit stomachs all these visions
Trying to find light amid the blackness
Blanketing hopes too high to realize
Is hard when they glisten so truthfully

It is a big question that immerses me:
To move on from inherent delusions
Or pursue them till they break free?
He can only hold so much grief
Until the moment he faces himself

Break into our shared reality
And bridle the internal fantasy
The dream can wait today
Don't settle before you wake
So strike fear into the fear
Face the morning that is here

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