Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here on this glorious day,
To join these two in holy matrimony,
So that they may have each other to love and to cherish,
So long as they both on this Earth shall live.

Now Eros has shot his two mighty arrows,
Made meticulously with aureate wings of pigeons,
So that these two hearts are now swollen with love,
Filled to the brim with dedication and desire.

Now Hymenaios resides above us,
Wintry wings flapping as he oversees this union,
So that this marriage is blessed,
The tender, gentle glow of his torch guiding them into unbridled bliss.

Until Aphrodite rides by graciously,
Pigeon-pulled chariot and white doves in tandem,
So that this marriage is fruitful,
Roses resting on the bed that they lovingly lay in.

Until Hera watches over the soon to be mother's bed,
Pomegranate and poppy in hand,
So that the strangers in her womb turn to happy little footsteps,
A home radiant with adoration.

Until Ares comes racing forth in his chariot,
Spear and sword hanging over the humble home,
So that discord may run rampant,
Chaos burning bright like Ares' flaming torch.

But Clementia will come bearing her olive tree branch,
Reconciliation and resolution will surround the household,
So that bitter words and hurt feelings may be a thing of the past,
And peace is restored once more.

Still, Apollo's golden arrows find their way to the poor groom,
Cancer covertly making its way through his body,
So that one half of this union may cease to exist,
Leaving behind a heavy-hearted widow.

Now Oizys enters the heart of this heavy-hearted widow,
Darkness draping over her like a black veil,
So that her heart is filled with so much distress,
That she claims her own life to be with her beloved.

Now Hades arrives, his bident in hand,
Coming to claim these two lovers' souls,
So that they may start their journey into the next life,
Free from all their earthly woes.

Now we are gathered here on this ill-fated day,
To both celebrate and mourn the loss of this man and his wife,
So that the story of their love may live on,
Bless the souls of these two dearly departed.