An Undervalued Educator

1 min
An essential worker,
that’s what I’ve become
Amidst in COVID
Skyrockets to the sun
No talks of closing our doors.

Yet the worth is not reflective
in the way I am treated
Yet we still don’t have rights to protect us,
we feel defeated.
Left to pick up the pieces alone.

Now I cry out for help, I need your aide
Understand how I work, how I live.
In a state of becoming, I am always wondering
And working with children is no easy drive.
Every day I am trying my best.

I sacrifice my body, my spirit, my mind
Yet you cast me away once you’re flying high
Don’t leave me behind in this time of the unknown
Share in the wealth as community grows
I need your help too.

Feed me the strength I need to go on
Teach me and create a place I belong
For now, is the time, to act and to know
I am essential.

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