An Aggressive Love Poem

Waves lull smoothly forward.
Shadows dance across the skies.
Around a crackling fire, three old women
Share words thought wise.

Hushed voices drifting out
Across the sand like quiet sighs,
Speaking of love and reminiscing
On the memories of past times.

One bends down and plucks
From the sandy ground beside her,
A small, lone beach pea,
A most fair and delicate flower.

Worn and wary hands
Cradle the prize found that hour,
As weathered lips speak, "beautiful,
Yet fragile – love is a strange power."

The next shakes her head
At her sister's supposed wit,
As her thoughtful eyes gaze in
The flames where she sits.

"Perhaps," she softly sings,
"Love is more like a fire pit.
Yes, love is strong but dangerous –
A summer blaze once lit."

The third tsks her tongue,
Listening as waves softly trickle.
Her gaze drawn to the gentle darkness
Where she hears the playful tickle.

But her mind recalls the days
When the ocean's rage cripples,
"No, love is like the ocean –
Constant, yet fickle."

In unison, three voices
Call back to the women.
The flower, fire, and ocean,
No longer can bear to listen.

To the three who do not know
What true love is or has been.
To sit in silence would be, to them,
A most regrettable sin.

The little beach pea pipes up first
To the hands who carefully hold her,
And explains how they uprooted her
From the home that was sure.

Her roots will slowly wither
Though, strong they once were.
The woman admired her beauty,
But her desire was impure.

Next, the fire admonishes
The second sister who cannot see
The flame's one deep desire is
To roam boundless and free.

While a pit and wall of stone
Have been built for her own safety,
Ne'er a thought was given to the fire's wishes
In a manner most selfishly.

The water speaks last
To the one who respects and reveres
Yet does nothing to notice
The ocean's many great tears.

Shed from others' disregard,
The ocean has troubles and fears.
The sister listened to the waves,
But did not truly hear.

The flower shares her own beauty
For all to appreciate,
The fire provides warmth and light
When the night gets late,

And the ocean makes life able
For all, regardless of traits.
Yet the sisters did not give,
They thought only to take.

True love is not blind
To the needs all around
But protects and provides,
Gives wings or a crown.

So many may wonder
When love truly surrounds.
Well, where sacrifice is freely given,
True love is always found.