"Always Parting”

1 min
Faces flash before me
and are swept away as easily

As leaves burning in bright hues
light up, catching sight of me
and I am set aglow
Our worlds collide, you and I,
for a moment and it’s wonderful
to see you for real!
I wish I could stay but
we break, parting ways, we have
places to be that day

We’ve met before..
just once or twice
but we would be
the closest of friends
If only

the shuttles were running
your paper wasn’t due tonight
the rain would stop falling
I didn’t have meetings today
the common rooms were open
rehearsals were in session
the restaurant didn’t close so soon
you would stay up late enough to see me
I could wake up early enough to see you

I pass you on the street, we call
to one another excitedly, and really

I truly am happy to see you, I miss
you, I want to remain here, my friend!
..my acquaintance, my classmate
my dear adjacent zoom box

In two weeks time, we’ll be swept from this place
and the mere minutes of distance that separate us
hallmates, classmates, bandmates, back to
illinois, south dakota, alabama, new jersey
In time I know
you won’t remember, me
a figure rushing toward you
in excitement
A face flashing past in a crowded
street swept away by the fray
of lost encounters

must we always become
in the end

Is it our own doing?
or are we destined to be
always parting
to be always starting to
love and then leaving and
losing and reeling

I never got the chance
to tell you
how much I care

would you even believe me?
after all, you don’t know me
I’d hug you goodbye but

you might worry about covid
be running late already
realize that it might just break
your lonely soul

mine too, my friend, mine too.

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