A year of Humanity

It started as a normal day,
You’re off to work, kids went to school.
But then you heard their voices say:
Go home. It is not safe in here. At all!

We both are glad, got time to spend,
But no one said they set the limits.
Nobody said when was the end.
They isolated our spirits.

We’re disconnected. We are lost.
We feel like sanity is leaving.
It follows us just like a ghost,
It has to humans no forgiving.

The world is shut. Your face is covered.
Expressions hidden under mask.
With thoughts of yours so full of colour
You’re moving on, but do what’s asked.

It took our people, took our kind,
It ruins lives, leads some to cry.
But world is better in our mind,
We are the power. We decide.

It’s been few months, or may be longer,
We do not know what to expect.
But I do know, humanity is stronger,
And you, to leave, won’t need consent.