A world where people want us to disappear

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When I was a kid
I thought "What's up with this shit?"
Every girl was growing up to marry a man
I didn't understand why everyone was such a fan

My best friend at the time
With a smile big and wide
She said "We're going to move in together sometime
With our husbands by our side"

I thought about that a lot
I didn't get it
"I don't need no husband", I thought
And I was just a kid

I wanted to be alone with her
By that time, I was only four

Then stereotypes kicked in
And all the girls were suddenly interested in boys
So, I acted like I had a crush on a boy named Finn
When I was more interested in playing with toys

The years had gone by
And I was 15 by then
And I never understood why
When my friend got together with a boy named Ben

That's when I started to realize
Something about me is different
That when I looked into her eyes
And on her body that was so magnificent
I did more than just admire her
Maybe it's girls that I prefer

That's when I started to fight it
I started to put hate on myself
With days where I would've rather quit
Because society doesn´t want us to be ourselves

I didn't know what to do
Kept it to myself for years
I didn't want it to be true
And at night I would lie in bed with tears

Over time I started to accept me
Finally thought I deserved to be happy
That's when I started to feel free
And stopped feeling so crappy

But still I was living in a place
Where you can't speak about love
While you only want to come home to a warm embrace
But for your existence you're judged from above

At least that's what they all say
And that's really not okay

Because when it comes to loving another
That's really all that matters
And you should be comforted by your mother
When it's your heart that shatters

We're all just not that different, you'll see
We're just looking for love right here
And I'm just trying to be me
In a world where people want us to disappear