A Quantum Reality

I love it when I see your eyes basking,
Not in the morrow of the sun's omniscient light,
But in the sea of 0s and 1s.
Your eyes capture me as they rivet side to side,
As they seek to measure the states of these mere digits,
That superpose with each other into a glorious dance,
When they stop existing as 0 or 1 but 0 and 1.
I wish you would raise your eyes from the immortal circuits,
And measure my mortal eyes,
So that the world in them can superpose with the one in yours,
then we can stop existing as you or I but we.

As these digits entangle and unentangle with each passing gate,
I long for when our lips can entangle and unentangle with each passing second.
But as I plan an escapade from the unreal to the real,
I remember that I am bound by the principle of uncertainty,
That if I profess my love to you, I may lose a friend,
And if I don't, I may lose the love of my life.
Now, I am still stuck in a real world where you exist as you and I exist as I
And where we exist in the quantum world,
Just a quantum reality.