a piece of peace

the irreverence of youth
has no place here
youth gathered together
young heads bowed to remember
in protest masks
half adorning faces
playing protector from
an invisible danger as
the youth, the youth they gather.

the youth they gather here,
a sea of black, white
and pale pink, pops
of coloured t-shirts.
gathered together,
clustered together firm
in their convictions,
the youth, the youth they gather

they gather for their sisters,
they gather for their brothers,
they gather for their futures,
and they take a knee, silent symbol
of resistance, a symbol
of reverence for lives

lost take a knee,
for the fallen, take a knee
for your country, take a knee
for your convictions, take a knee

and remember your
brothers sisters siblings
that no longer kneel beside you,
your heads bowed in their memory and
the youth. the youth will grieve

given time. the youth will rise
eyes forward fire
in their bellies
the youth, the youth
will rise high
but for now, they take the knee
because they see
they see that they live in a country
that was never really free.