A pair of wings attached

Born in the South of Chile, traveling by myself since a young age to get to school, I decided to transform the hours I had in the bus and train in written worlds beyond the mountains that surrounded ... [+]

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
Not sure of where you came from
I find you flying by my side
Suddenly colliding with my fears and hopes
How could you be such a selfless soul
Willing to leave everything, for a day, behind
To only see me crossing a door

If only you knew how much I admire
Admire your sensitivity
Your tender smiles
Your hidden laugh
You're the poem I write
But also, an out of this world hero
Of those you told me
You used to write about

I find myself excited
Knowing that you waited for me
To be safe
To go across that portal
Knowing that I will see you again
Knowing that you will be looking forward to that

In the meantime
I want to send you this letter
With a pair of wings attached

In a matter of seconds
After losing myself in your deep heart
You made my soul happy
And caused my heart to do a backflip
In your presence, I can be
Be a bilingual goddess
Rambling about dust
In your presence, I am loved
In your presence
I have surely found a heart of gold