The Woman With Many Names

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You’d think a woman with many names would have trouble defining herself.

Her high school friends call her Lexi. They know her as outgoing and hilarious. Really, she is the “glue” of the group.

Her college friends know her as Lex. After all, “Lexi” was just too childish and informal...right?? They view her as someone always down for adventures and trying new things.

Her professors know her as Alexis--someone who is ambitious, dedicated, and thoughtful.

Her coworkers call her Alex. They see her as someone who can’t figure out how to say “no” to requests to cover shifts last minute and to deal with any “Karens.”

Her family knows her as Al. Her little cousins think she is the adult who makes up the best games, so they are always vying for her attention.

So you’d think a woman with many names would have trouble defining herself...

Yet unlike those in her life, the woman with many names knows herself by not only one name. It doesn’t matter how others define her. Over the years, she has come to know who she is as a person—her strengths, her faults, her passions, her dreams, her struggles. She learned to stay true to her heart and focus on her goals.

The woman with many names has come to accept and love who she is--the greatest conviction a person can develop.

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