The Love and The Beggar

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A beggar is lying on the floor, crestfallen, begging for some sustenance to survive.

This man, out of nowhere, sees a being so radiant that even in his pain and darkness, he raises his head just to take a glimpse of what he had never perceived.
Between open and closed eyes, he notices long hair and high boots, so he assumes it is a woman. He is not sure, so he tries to rub his eyes, but when he opens them properly, it is not there anymore. Without giving it importance, he returns to his usual position.
Later, he feels this energy again, and although he didn't manage to see much, at least the curiosity of finding this person, makes him have something to do. The beggar goes into this little game of discovering the character, and for him this is nothing more than something to do while his time to die arrives.

Day 1

The beggar prepares to observe in detail each person who passes by. People with boots and long hair walk around. However, none of them transmitted that energy. Almost about to close his eyes again, a woman passes by with that vibe he craved so much.

-Listen, miss!! (he shouts trying to reach her)

(Woman turns)

-Tell me sir, do you want any food? (Says with a compassionate voice)

-Ehh...would not be bad. I would appreciate it very much, if you don't mind.

- Come on, let's go to a nearby place that is exceptionally tasty.

They walk to a cafeteria where the woman asks him what he wants to eat. Surprised he answers:

- For real? Can I choose?!


-Then a potato omelet, my favorite.

-Perfect! Make it two please. (she says addressing the waiter)

While waiting for the food these two did not stop talking...

-What else do you like besides tortillas, huh? (She asks.)

-Well, I really like to play the guitar, but I haven't played it in a long time. It reminds me of my sister; she was very good at singing and we used to stay together for hours and hours making music. Really good times... (he says in a melancholic voice) but with time I left it, and I no longer do it.

-Ahh, I see. Well, the food is coming. (She replies.)

The waiter leaves the dishes, and they start eating. At the end, the beggar, a little hesitant, states that he would like to go to the bathroom. While he is in the bathroom, the woman approaches the cash register, pays the bill, leaves a note on the table and leaves. The beggar comes out of the bathroom and realizes that she is no longer there; however, he notices the note she left:

"Your effort will be rewarded, the right people will appear in your life and the dreams you work for will come true. - <3
-the right people? And what dreams?! What does she mean by this?... (throws the note and leaves)

Day 2

After a few hours of searching, another woman passes by with her hair up, black boots and a leather jacket. The connection he felt was immediate.

-Maybe this was the person from the first time, maybe yesterday was just a good coincidence. Maybe I was looking for her. (he says to himself)

The beggar stands up again and this time decides not to shout, but tries to reach out and touch her shoulder.

-Hello mis... (tries to say)

The woman gets scared; she doesn't even let him finish the sentence and runs to the other corner. The humiliated and disappointed beggar returns to his place and decides to end his useless game by simply wanting to fall asleep until he dies.
After some minutes, someone touches his shoulder very delicately; he gets shocked and raises his head nervously.

-Hello, I wanted to apologize for the way I ran away when you touched my shoulder. Here, I brought you some coffee and a stool in case you want to sit in a better place. (says the woman nicely)

The beggar's face goes from confused to surprised so he asks: why has she decided to do that?

She answers that it was simply an impulse to do something good. Instead, the beggar tells her that he went bankrupt, and his family abandoned him, because he preferred gambling and bad businesses out of bad impulses.
As their conversation flows, a cell phone rings and the beggar's face instantly becomes a mixture of nostalgia and joy, as that was his parents' favorite song when he was just a toddler.
Curiously, she had just bought a CD with the songs of that same group, so she decides to give it to the beggar as a present. When he receives the disc and turns back to put it away, the woman leaves a note and leaves the place.

"Always remember that your current situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come." -<3

The beggar was even more confused; however, his focus was on devising a plan to steal a CD recorder to play his new acquisition. Minutes later he decides to stand up and walk around until he sees one. Just before he approaches to steal it from a picnic table in the park, he stops and looks to his left, where he sees a slightly dirty but useful guitar. He completely forgets about the recorder, sits down on the stool he was given, and starts humming little by little until he remembers some chords.
The crowd is getting closer and closer and they start throwing money at him and so on until nightfall. He realizes that he has unexpectedly earned enough money to buy a used recorder and be able to listen to his new CD.

The beggar enters to a store and meets another woman; she looked different, more relaxed and a bit sporty, but the vibe was very similar to the other two. when she sees him, she immediately says:

-Aha! Here you are. I was waiting for you. (excited)

-how? me? (ask)

-Yes, you. Come with me, I have something to show you. (she offers her hand to guide him)

The beggar takes her hand and walk into a small room where when she turns on the light, and exhibit what's inside, his first reaction is to kneel down and cry.
He finds himself crying inconsolably without being able to speak. She hugs him tightly and asks him:
-Do you know who they are?

The beggar tries to calm down and answers:
-It's my family and everyone who was important to me. (He says with a brittle voice)

- Do you know why these photos are here? (She asks) –No. (he replies)

-These past few days you have had visits from certain people, who have shown you in one way or another the things you love most. The first one, reminded you of the love you felt for your favorite things, the second one, showed you the love of your family and the third one, is me. We are called The Love and we are the most powerful force of all.
I can be so destructive that, if you don't have me with you, you might even want to die, but so constructive that even when you are at the bottom of an abyss, if you keep me in mind, I can help you out.

-And how can you do that? (unbelieving asks)

-Easy. What do you think I'm doing here? I don't assure you that everything will be all right, but always keep me in mind in everything you do and soon or later you will become what you want to achieve. Be better.

-Okay, okay. Now I just want the recorder if you don't mind. (He says incredulously)

The beggar leaves the store and decides to return to his usual place where he sits to listen to music until he is gradually immersed in a deep and peaceful sleep.

Day 3

When he wakes up, he is lying on his usual blanket on the floor, with a lot of pain in his back, hungry and without a guitar or a recorder or CD. He starts looking everywhere and finds nothing but a wrapped paper next to him; he opens it and reads:

-Who doesn't invent a comic book to avoid pain? -<3
He looks to the front in shock and realizes that it had all been nothing but an illusion.

To Be Continued...

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