Restoration and Technology

According to some people, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ has brought as a consequence the quick rise of technology. Initially, this assumption was considered because during the centuries previous to the restoration the rise of any type of science was limited for many reasons. First of all, the Catholic Inquisition restricted science that did not support Church doctrine. For example, the observation of Galileo Galilei that said the Earth was round, revolved around the sun, and had its proper movement, which was prohibited by the Church and Galileo Galiei was obligated to retract it under penalty of death. Now we know that this universal idea is true, but at that time it meant death. In the second place, another thing that limited the rise of the sciences was the ignorance of the people. Some of them had many beliefs about how the world was. They founded their theories in superstition and witchcraft. The explanation that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the advance of technology are related is because in less than two centuries, technology has grown rapidly. For instance, man has gone to the moon, world communication is at our fingertips in a cell phone, and education is available for all people on the internet, among many other technologies. Lastly, it is a remarkable theory that has to be considered in future debates.