I remember

The Forbidden House
I knew what it was. I knew the house on the beach and that I needed to get there. I was there late at night when I knew I had to get away from my mom screaming that the walls were alive and eating her and that I was the reason my father had left us. It was a run for safety at the least. It was the same repetitive tale, abusive mum, missing dad. Don’t get me wrong I loved her but each day her addiction to fill me with pain was growing stronger. It depended on the day, on some the angel would talk and others, the devil on her shoulder was awakened. So as my mom started to fill her craving each day, I became numb. Although, the day I ran to the house was a tale I hadn’t even imagined in my mind. As she walked in the door and like usual I turned off the lights in our RV ran, shaking the entire place and forced my eyes to close with my pink pillow in my hand to stop myself from screaming. I heard her voice as she picked up the metal rod she kept under her bed. I braced myself, teeth clenched, body hardened, ready to take the beating. “She needs help, I’m the only one who can,” I play in my mind. I think of the house on the beach that people talk about. I didn’t know if it was still there but to my surprise, it was holding up well. As I felt her rod hit my skin and the tingling in my arm get stronger I thought of going to the house. But today was different. She took my hands and waited for me to scream as she brought my hands to my shoulders. I felt the bones touch my thumb and my head dropped as it got wrapped in red, and at that moment I knew it was done. I had to run. It would be so peaceful. Anything would be better than this. So after her hunger was satisfied and she had filled my mind with an image of me being worthless, she slept. I ran and I ran until there it was, the house on the beach. I couldn’t believe it was there. They say it only appears when you need it to or when the chosen one arrives. It’s dark and luminous but was marvelously filled with beauty as the promising sun rose and the sky was painted in floral orange. I walked in fear and thought of all the things that could go wrong if I took a step into the door. A house couldn’t be on the beach, it would crumble to pieces and why am I the chosen one. A cloud of terror started to float but as I mustered courage I walked across the delicious velvety sand. It was giving my rugged worn-out feet comfort. I stumbled across the rock in front of it and stood in front of the tall oaky door. The house seemed lifeless but I saw a group of people pan into view as the door eased open. They were smiling filling my heart with warmth. I see a radiant glow walking towards me. A woman. I step in and I’m greeted with the words, “Welcome to the house of heaven Sammy, trust me sweetheart you’ll like it here.”
- “Oh so that’s how you came here. I’m sorry that your mum was the one to do it,” says Michael. “Ha! It’s okay Michael, why don’t you tell me how you got here?”