Authors Notes

Authors Notes

Thank you for reading one of the stories I wanted to tell. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I have been thinking about this story for a while now, and I would love to tell you the story of how I came up with the story (this is necessary to read).

Karate Kid -

I first came up with the idea for Atmospheric BreakPoint after I finished writing my final exam for my grade 11 English class. The final task in the exam was to write a short story. When it comes to coming up with ideas and stories, I have no problem; but during this exam I was blank. I couldn't come up with a single good idea. So I ended up using a stupid story about Hockey and the moral of the story was to never underestiamte what is in front of you - it was a very poor story.

Coming out of the exam I was kicking myself. The one time I needed an idea, I was blank. After this process of self-kicking, I was hit with story ideas I could’ve used during the exam. And one of those ideas was Atmospheric BreakPoint.

Cannonball Speed Glitch -

The original title of this story was Atlantis 4278. The basic premise was that Atlantis isn’t something in the past, it is our future (with water levels rising, humanity had to take life under-water). And the “4278” was the year, which then became the number of the Dome this story takes place in.

I attempted to write this a few times. With these few times that I attempted to write, I failed. The story in my head wasn’t developed yet - it kept running away from me. I ended up saving the idea to the archives of my mind and decided to wait for another opportunity to write it. Then when I received an email about a Short Story Competition, I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to write Atmospheric BreakPoint.

Trio Queuing -

I want to thank my friends Junno Pak and Emily Derrick for helping me with this story. They brought me a lot of help and support whilst writing. I would also like to thank my mom for always supporting me through the writing process.

When Junno first read my story, he said that the character count for the competition was definitely hindering my vast world and ideas. In my very first draft years ago, there were many different segments: AJ and the narrator go to school, AJ attempts to solve the mystery of how his dad died, the prejudice against the new gilled-humans, and many other plot elements with much more exploration of this world. Most of my ideas had to be cut and trimmed. I had to get to the point.

Junno is one of the best descriptive writers I know. With this marvelous skill of his, he lent his hand and advice to show me how to make this world strong in the few pages I had. In addition, Junno helped me with the last two paragraphs of the story. I needed these paragraphs to be strong. I already had the idea and relizations at the end, but I needed help putting my sentences together in an even more impactful way. To describe someone seeing the sky for the first time isn’t enough, we see the sky everyday so it’s not that special to us. I needed to translate this intensely beautiful and special moment that a character has, to people that have been desensitized to this moment. In order to accomplish this, I screened Junno videos of blind and colour blind people seeing for the first time. From there, Junno and I started bouncing off one another and slowly building words and sentences together.

Unlike me, Emily is great with grammar and vocabulary. I am not illiterate, but every once in a while I will make a grammatical mistake. Emily swooped in and brought assistance to help me correct my writing. In addition, Emily also helped with the flow. Sometimes my writing can be read to be choppy and stiff (for the meme). Emily helped flexibilize my writing.

Ms. Mosbey -

The character of AJ was tricky. I didn’t want to season-nine-of-how-i-met-your-mother-it and make a key character like AJ a plot device. I wanted him to be an individual character that had his own traits and backstory. Due to length limits, I had to eliminate a lot of the explanation of his character and backstory.

The way I came up with a name for AJ was actually surprisingly easy. I just Googled, “types of fish”, and one of the fish I found was called Amber Jack. So I just shortened Amber Jack to AJ.

“Jam a man of fortune” -

Over the course of the couple years I had with this idea, the world became more dark and unforgiving. Many of the base ideas I had have stuck with me, but the ideas formed into more mature versions of what they once were.

All of my friends would say that the depressing world this story takes place in is nothing like me. Inputting myself into this world proved to be tiring sometimes. I could only write for no more than 30-minutes before I had to stop and rest. -

Throughout many english classes in my life, I have been instructed to analyze passages and chapters in books and short stories. Authors tend to place many different easter eggs in their work. So I challenged myself to do the same thing. Most paragraphs in this short story can be connected to something completely different.