Aphorisms on Memes

The impulse to save a meme to your phone is the same force that drives cats to collect hair ties and bottle caps under the couch.
In the case of both the world and memes, all things tend toward absurdism, and we must continually update our perception of reality to make sense of both.
Memes are the new language: a tongue built of comedy; a grammar forged of laughter.
If they have not contributed anything else, emojis have eased the transition from words into memes. We punctuate with feelings.
If you see a meme, it is already dead.
Society is becoming ever more conversant in a dead language.
When someone discovers that their life is some sick joke, some overdone meme, it is then that they perceive themselves to be dead, and they either become a walking corpse or die on the spot.
If you write a meme, it has already been written.
The act of creation is the very thing that spawns and executes the idea in the past.
Memes predict the future more accurately than a fortune teller.