Showcase student talent


The launchpad for reading & writing projects on campus and beyond

Ever dreamed of your school or university being known for its devotion to and innovation in the arts realm?

Our mission, as an international publishing house, is to showcase all students' creative writing by publishing their work on campus and perhaps worldwide through our network of over 300 Short Story Dispensers. Imagine if the next great writer was discovered on your campus and he or she attributes that success to the opportunity that you provided? Publication is the ultimate encouragement for new and emerging writers.

We currently have more than 300 installed around the world from San Francisco to the University of Iowa, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, London, Hong Kong, Australia and beyond.

Everyone has a story to tell

Short Story Dispensers are not just for the English Department students. Whether they’re medical students, the business savvy, in the engineering school, history majors, or hailing from the science wing, we’ve found fantastic and talented writers picking up the pen and submitting their stories.

Here is a sample of a Short Story Portal, which is an easy-to-use tool to curate your Dispenser's own content from students, a local writing community and/or from new and emerging writers.

For students of all ages


Short Edition can creatively help you engage students by committing random acts of culture both on and off campus and by shining light on their creative writing talent... whether it’s at the elementary level, middle school, high school, or university!

Short Story Dispensers enhance the educational experience for students of all ages — why not inspire a love of literature and creative writing as early as possible! Short Edition can provide programs and projects adapted for all ages and reading levels.

Create a reading culture

  • Oh the trips students will take with a daily read when they pass through the U-cen and push the 1min, 3min or 5min button on the Short Story Dispenser
  • The Dispensers awaken the historical, oral tradition of storytelling
  • Use free literature to teach empathy, complex thinking, confidence, community, communication, and, perhaps most importantly, that reading can be fun and is for everyone
  • Collect & share stories - the written word connects people and starts conversations

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