Enhance your customer experience


An unexpected gift of literature

The Short Story Dispenser offers intellectual breaks to enchant customers, travelers, visitors, patients... while enabling businesses with lengthy wait times to enhance their customer experience. Or perhaps you want to entice them to stay longer to enjoy your customer journey by adding something different, innovative and memorable.

That little something different to add to the journey which gives you a competitive advantage, along with trackable usage data for your management, to prove the engagement you’ve created.

Put a Dispenser where people gather in your business, surprise them with fiction on the fly and show appreciation for their visit, so they leave with a smile. With the gift of a short story or poem, you are inviting them back and they will associate your environment with a memorable moment. Plus, what a cool souvenir to take home and share with friends or family...

A literary lift

With the engagement created around the Short Story Dispenser, you can improve your customer relationship by transforming the low points of their experience — having to wait, feeling ignored, impatience, etc. — into highlights: surprise, smiles, a great read.

Literature stirs complex emotions, inspires creative thinking, and helps with anxiety. Short Edition allows you to create an emotional link between your brand and your customers, by offering a bit of fiction, an unplugged experience to be lived in that very moment, at home or elsewhere - to be savored alone or shared with others.

Shine light on your innovation

Customize your Dispenser in your own colors and tailor your content to your readers. Need stories for a general audience, 18+, young adult or children? You decide! Choose & change collections as often as you like or opt-in to our monthly thematic calendar.

Free for the user, eco-friendly and unique. The ‘wow’ element to your programming, marketing, innovation and engagement campaigns… at the street-level.

Their clients are already enjoying the Short Story Dispensers