Engage your community


Fiction on the Fly

With the Short Story Dispenser, seek to combine rebellion and innovation to create unplugged community spaces in the library and/or around town. Be guilty of committing random acts of culture!

As part of your literacy and outreach programs, you can also offer free, accessible reading in unexpected places across town while placing Dispensers where your readers are...at the bus station, in a school, at the community center, the DMV, shopping mall, supermarket, or airport... All roads can lead to the library.

Your library can lead the initiative to build an innovative ‘storied city,’ while also celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion.

Fiction connects and Short Story Dispensers provide libraries countless ways to inspire community engagement and creative connections

Stay physical in the virtual


The Dispenser is a microcosm of how your library - and city - raise literacy rates and encourage a reading culture.

Short Edition is your partner for not only increasing literary awareness but also for celebrating creative writing, city-wide.

Simple, time-saving tools

To make your projects more engaging, fun, and the talk of the town.

Shine light on your innovation

Customize your Dispenser in your own colors and tailor your content to your readers. Need stories for a general audience, 18+, young adult or children? You decide! Choose & change collections as often as you like or opt-in to our monthly thematic calendar.

Co-publish with Short Edition

With the Short Story Portal, we can offer you the opportunity to also curate and publish your local stories.

Bring to life archived short fiction from authors in your city or curate new stories from emerging writers through the Short Story Portal. Imagine if the next great writer was discovered in your city and he or she attributes that success to the opportunity that you provided?

This is community engagement - providing a creative outlet and voice for all.

They want to build a Storied City