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Welcome to the Short Édition community

Short Literature is above all a passion and a hobby open to everybody.

The diversity of the Short Édition community is what makes its wealth, and that is why it is important to preserve it: Respectful comments and constructive discussions are our best allies to do so!


A pep talk, an advised opinion, relevant criticism… Every comment should always be polite and diplomatic.

  • For the users, discussions are much more interesting and enriching when they are constructive
  • For the authors, well-argued advice and criticism are also good ways to progress and obtain more votes

So, all of you, readers and writers, have every interest in writing a nuanced opinion, and being open minded!



Short Édition’s legitimacy is due to the reliability of its content, and that’s what makes our website a trusted space for all our users, independently from their age, social group, culture…


Malicious, offensive or racist words have no place on our website; we reserve the right to remove every hostile comment, or even delete the account that posted that type of comments.



To maintain the peace of our website, and help us in keeping a friendly environment, we set up a system that allows you to:

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BEING POLITE AND CONSTRUCTIVE DOESN’T MEAN liking everything that is on the website

You have (of course) the right to dislike a work, and even hate it… In that case, we simply ask you to move to another story (as quick as possible to limit your frustration!). Without leaving an unpleasant comment where other people could find an interest.

After having read a book that you didn’t like, you don’t go back to the bookshop to tell people you didn’t like it, and that it had no interest. You leave other readers make their own opinion. On Short Édition, we ask you to do the same with our authors.

Together, we can make sure that our forum keeps a pleasant atmosphere, and contribute to the enrichment of the Short Édition community thanks to interesting conversations…