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Short fiction is a passion and a hobby open to everyone.

The diversity of the Short Édition community is what enriches it, and that is why we must preserve it. Keeping comments and discussions respectful and constructive ensures inclusion and effective exchange amongst our readers and writers.


Praise, encouragement, a thoughtful opinion, relevant criticism… Every comment should be polite and diplomatic.

  • For readers: discussions and comments are much more interesting and helpful to the author when they are constructive. As well, an analysis of fiction is always going to be subjective to some extent, but please remember to stay open-minded when reading and commenting on someone else’s work.
  • For authors: feedback is a good way to progress and improve your writing – use these exchanges with readers to better your craft.

BEING POLITE AND CONSTRUCTIVE DOESN’T MEAN liking everything that is on the website

You have, of course, the right to dislike a story, and even hate it… In that case, we simply ask you to move along to another story (as quickly as possible to limit your frustration!) without leaving an unpleasant comment where other readers might have something more positive or constructive to say to the author.

After having read a book that you didn’t like, you don’t go back to the bookshop to simply tell people that you didn’t like it. You let other readers form their own opinion and perhaps some will have encouraging or helpful comments to communicate to the author. At Short Édition, we ask you to do the same.

Together, we can create a kind and respectful atmosphere on our platform, which will set the tone for constructive conversation, inspiring mutual collaboration and encouragement of others.


Short Édition’s legitimacy is due to the reliability of its content, and that’s what makes our website a trusted space for all our users, regardless of one’s age, social group, culture, etc.

Malicious, offensive or racist words have no place on our website. As such, we reserve the right to remove hostile comments, as well as the right to delete the author’s account who posts such comments if we deem necessary.


To keep the peace on the platform and to help us maintain a friendly environment, we set up a system that allows you to:

  • Modify or delete your own comments*
  • Delete the comments published below your stories
  • Report any inappropriate comment so that we can take necessary measures if warranted

(*Please note, when you delete a comment, all the associated comments will also be deleted. Thus, it’s better to modify a comment instead of removing it when you wish to correct something.)

To make one of the above actions, you simply need to click on the small arrow located in the top right corner of the selected comment.

If, after posting a comment, you notice that it takes some time to appear, we suggest you refresh the page before writing it again.

Finally, if you remove a comment (or a conversation) by mistake, note that they are kept internally for a few days, so we can put them back if you ask us to do so by email at