Share your moment of amazement!

Are you inspired by a moment at TED2018? Turn it into short fiction ... or a poem.





This week, you might just experience a moment of amazement ... at the wonders of our universe, at the contradictions of human nature, at the impact of the infinitely small or the jaw-droppingly large. Sometimes, the way to share that momentary feeling is through creativity.



If you're inspired: Enter our short fiction contest themed "A Moment of Amazement" for the chance to share your story in Short-Edition short-story dispensers around the world.

Read the rules and format guidelines below, and enter your short fiction or poem on the Short Stories website by May 15, 2018.
A panel of judges from TED and Short Édition will choose the stories to be added to Short Édition's dispensers ... including, maybe, one near you!

Theme and rules

Our contest theme is “A Moment of Amazement.” And (as TED2018 co-host Chris Anderson says) amazement can be understood in many ways, from awe to shock to a moment of clarity. To be accepted, your text must be significantly tied to this theme.
You don't need to specifically reference TED or anything about TED. In fact, think of your story as a chance to share your feeling of amazement with a reader somewhere else, in a coffee shop or a library three thousand miles away, on a random day, who could use the gift of amazement themselves ...

Once you’ve figured out what you’d like to write about, compose your story of no longer than 8,000 characters (6,000 for poems), including spaces. When your story is complete, log in and submit your story to be considered for judging by our panel.


The deadline to submit is May 15, 2018, midnight Eastern time. After a short judging period, the winning stories will be published on short story dispensers for the public to read and enjoy by June 1, 2018.



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