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Thomas Moore

1779 - 1852
Thomas Moore was an Irish poet, songwriter, satirist and political propagandist whose espousal of the Catholic cause made him a popular hero amongst the Irish nationalists.

Being a close friend of Lord Byron, he played a leading part in one of the most famous episodes of the Romantic period, in 1824: in order to protect the dead, he and the publisher John Murray decided to burn Byron’s memoirs.
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The minstrel boy to the war is gone,
In the ranks of death you'll find him;
His father's sword he ... [+]

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Good reader! if you e'er have seen,
When Phoebus hastens to his pillow
The mermaids, with their ... [+]

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Drink of this cup;–you'll find there's a spell in
Its every drop 'gainst the ills of mortality;
... [+]