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Stephen Crane

1871 - 1900
The American poet, novelist and short story writer, Stephen Crane is known as one of the pioneers of modern American Naturalism in literature. His writing is characterised by a vivid intensity, distinctive dialects and irony. His main themes are fear, spiritual crisis and social isolation.

His Civil War novel, The Red Badge of Courage, a classic of American literature, won international acclaim.
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A child was standing on a street-corner. He leaned with one shoulder against a high board fence and swayed the other to and fro, the while kicking carelessly at the gravel.
Sunshine beat upon the ... [+]

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Four men once came to a wet place in the roadless forest to fish. They pitched their tent fair upon the brow of a pine-clothed ridge of riven rocks whence a bowlder could be ... [+]

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Where the path wended across the ridge, the bushes of huckleberry and sweet fern swarmed at it in two curling waves until it was a mere winding line traced through a tangle. There was no interference ... [+]

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Fast rode the knight
With spurs, hot and reeking,
Ever waving an eager sword,
"To save my lady!"... [+]