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Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

1852 - 1930
American writer of the local colour movement, Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman was a self taught woman who started writing as a teenager to help support her family.

She is very famous for her stories about frustrated lives in New England villages and for her strong female characters who contested contemporary ideas concerning what female roles, values and relationships should be in society.
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It was late in the afternoon, and the light was waning. There was a difference in the look of the tree shadows out in the yard. Somewhere in the distance cows were lowing and a little bell was ... [+]

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The snow was falling, and the Cat's fur was stiffly pointed with it, but he was imperturbable. He sat crouched, ready for the death-spring, as he had sat for hours. It was night—but that ... [+]

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THE hawthorn is dead, the rose-leaves have fled
On the north wind over the sea:
Now the petals ... [+]