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Laura E. Richards

1850 - 1943
Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards was an American writer who wrote over 90 books and poems. Some of her works were written for children, one such especially well-known poem is her literary nonsense verse, "Eletelephony." Richards also won the Pulitzer Prize in 1917 for the biography she co-authored with her sisters about the life of their mother, Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910.
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Some children were at play in their play-ground one day, when a herald rode through the town, blowing a trumpet, and crying aloud, “The King! the King passes by this road to-day. Make ready... [+]

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All day long the little boy worked hard, in field 

and barn and shed, for his people were poor farmers, and could not pay a workman; but at sunset there came an hour that was all his own, for ... [+]

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As I swing, as I swing,

Here beneath my mother’s wing,

Here beneath my mother’s ... [+]

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The black cat sat

In the fat man’s hat;

“Oh, dear!” the fat man said.

“May ... [+]