Joseph Jacobs

1854 - 1916

Joseph Jacobs was an Australian writer, who notably wrote, collected, and published English folklore. His work went on to popularize some of the world’s most well-known English fairy tales. He is known as one of the best and most popular writers of fairy tales in the English language.


The Strange Visitor

A woman was sitting at her reel one night; And still she sat, and still she reeled, and still she wished for company.
In came a pair of broad broad soles, and sat down at the fireside;
And ... [+]


The Sprightly Tailor

A sprightly tailor was employed by the great Macdonald, in his castle at Saddell, in order to make the laird a pair of trews, used in olden time. And trews being the vest and breeches united in one ... [+]