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John Milton

1608 - 1674
The renowned English poet, pamphleter and historian called John Milton is nowadays considered the most prominent English author after William Shakespeare. His best known work of art, written in blank verse, Paradise Lost, is wiely regarded as the greatest epic poem in English.

As a civil servant of the Commonwealth under Olivier Cromwell, he opposed tyranny and state-sanctionned religion. His political influence spread throughout the American and French revolutions.
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When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
And that one ... [+]

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Hence vain deluding Joys,
The brood of Folly without father bred,
How little you bested,
Or fill ... [+]

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Yet once more, O ye Laurels, and once more
Ye Myrtles brown, with Ivy never-sear,
I come to pluck ... [+]

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Hence loathed Melancholy,
Of Cerberus, and blackest midnight born,
In Stygian Cave forlorn,
... [+]