Henry van Dyke

1852 - 1933

Henry Jackson van Dyke, Jr. was an American author, educator, and clergyman, especially well known for his poetry and two Christmas stories, "The Other Wise Man" and "The First Christmas Tree." You will find various religious themes expressed throughout his works. van Dyke was educated and would go on to teach English literature at Princeton University.


Gone From My Sight

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship, at my side,spreads her white sails to the moving breeze and startsfor the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength.I stand and watch he... [+]


A Handful of Clay

There was a handful of clay in the bank of a river. It was only common clay, coarse and heavy; but it had high thoughts of its own value, and wonderful dreams of the great place which it was to fill... [+]


America For Me

'Tis fine to see the Old World and travel up and down Among the famous palaces and cities of renown, To admire the crumblyh castles and the statues and kings But now I think... [+]


Time Is

Time is&nbsp;<br />
Too Slow for those who Wait,<br />
Too Swift for those who Fear,<br />
Too Long for those who Grieve,<br />
Too Short for those who Rejoice;<br />
But for those who Love,<br />
Time is not.&nbsp;



&quot;Do you give thanks for this? -- or that?&quot;&nbsp;No, God be thankedI am not gratefulIn that cold, calculating way, with blessing rankedAs one, two, three, and four, -- that... [+]



Let me but do my work from day to day,In field or forest, at the desk or loom,In roaring market-place or tranquil room;Let me but find it in my heart to say,When vagrant wishes beckon... [+]