Rachel Hope Crossman

Rachel Hope Crossman grew up in Evanston, IL and Athens, Greece before moving to Berkeley, CA just in time to experience the Free Speech Movement as an eight year old child and the opening of BART a few years later. A graduate of Mills College, Oakland and Berkeley High School (class of 1979), she worked as a preschool teacher and then substitute teacher for the Berkeley Unified School District before earning her Montessori Elementary teaching credential. She is the author of two books (SAVING CINDERELLA: FAIRY TALES & CHILDREN IN THE 21 ST CENTURY, 2014, The Apocryphile Press) and COSMIC CURRICULUM: MY MONTESSORI METAMORPHOSIS (2022), as well as multiple science fiction and fantasy stories. She still lives in Berkeley with her husband and has four grown children. She loves swimming laps at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA.

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