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Thierry Covolo

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We were lying on the beach. 
Marie, who felt the cold less than I did, had gone for a swim after our picnic. She had come back to lie next to me, without drying herself. She liked to feel the ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Hiver 2017
5 min
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Mima used to say that Grand-Pa would soon be better. She didn’t know how long it would take, but it was definitely happening. In the morning, she would say, after a good night’s sleep, he ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Eté 2016
1 min
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Fighting evil with evil. That was my number one priority at the end of the vacation. A warrior never lets a defeat remain unavenged! Especially if it’s his first battle. 
All through the ... [+]

5 min
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Pa had always had a lot of respect for Sam’s grandmother.
That must have been at least partly to do with what people in the village used to say about her.
Pa used to say that civilization ... [+]

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